Fr. Paul Luniw

Fr. Paul Luniw

Father Paul Luniw is an internationally recognised master of the Ukrainian decorative art

tradition called pysanky. He was raised in England, in a Ukrainian immigrant community,

learning the art as a young boy from his mother. Since then, he has continued to master the

process of intricately decorating ostrich, duck, hen and quail eggs.

Father Paul made his very first television appearance in the seventies, on a British television

programme called Blue Peter. Since then, he has been interviewed on numerous occasions for

global and domestic media.

He continues to share his artistry with many people from around the world, and in 2019, he was

able to present a decorated ostrich egg to Pope Francis and explain the process to him.

Father Paul is an expert in Canon Law, and currently serves as the parish priest at St Michael’s

Ukrainian Catholic Church in Terryville, CT.