Program Overview


The Recovery Residence at Enders Island is a community of young adult men who share one common desire: sobriety. This post-treatment residential experience brings young men into an environment that is imbued with the Twelve Steps and the spiritual richness of the Catholic Community. Our program houses up to ten students from three to twelve months in order to maintain individualized focus for each resident. During this time, our young men become part of a community that provides them the necessary foundation upon which to foster their sobriety.


  • Academic tutoring and instruction
  • Access to psychological counseling (Optional: 
    provided through the CatholicPsych Institute,
    as needed)
  • AA and Spiritual retreats
  • 24/7 assistance from staff
  • Community volunteer
  • Spiritual direction

Our residents learn to live sober, balanced, and healthy lives. Through their common life of recovery, our young men have the chance to experience a resurgence that will allow them to continue on in school, work, and in family relationships.



Our mission is to help those suffering with addiction not only  to become productive members of society, but - most importantly - to lead a life filled with grace and virtue. We base our program on the twelve steps and the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. In particular, we foster the virtue of humility in our young men - encouraging them to find a power greater than themselves - and to begin the road inward; to discover hope.



In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. The hardest decision any addict will make is to accept that their lives have become unmanageable. We focus on this difficult and rewarding journey inward to help our students form a newfound self-respect and self-love, the kind of love that’s capable of giving.



A vocation is more than a career, it’s a calling. We encourage our residents to discover their true passion by trying out new things, whether that’s a broadway play in New York City, volunteering at a local museum, or pursuing a liberal arts education in order to explore their untapped potential.



Spirituality is the most vital part of establishing long-term sobriety and leading a fulfilling life. When a young man learns how to turn his life over to a power greater than himself, he finally finds a sense of direction and a reason to hope. Ultimately, it is faith which accomplishes the impossible.


The Difference

The unique community here on Enders Island makes all the difference. We don’t have clients or patients; we have residents - residents who learn to put faith in one another and in a power greater than themselves. Our residents learn by example. It is not uncommon that the person they’re having dinner with is an Archbishop, a doctor, or a cancer survivor. By providing an environment where young men can encounter individuals from all walks of life, Enders Island has a unique way of expanding the horizon of those in recovery. Our residents come into contact with men and women who live a rich interior life: dedicated mentors, members of the church community, and a variety of visitors.

Our Program

Living a sober life is more than quitting a substance or a behavior, it means living life in a new way. Addiction is multi-layered, and addicts learn how to behave and cope in unhealthy ways. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says that the only way to recover is to have “an entire psychic change.” So, naturally our residents are given a tall order, which keeps them very busy!


Residents work on their body, mind, and spirit by participating in:


  • Full access to the local YMCA

  • Academic Placement & One-on-One Tutoring

  • Communal prayer at the beginning and end of each day


Residents work together as members of a community:


  • Participating in island Meetings & Reflections

  • Team-building during off-island retreats
    (including a bi-annual 10 day trip to Vermont)

  • Helping the the larger community through volunteer work


Internships and mentors are available for each resident:


  • All of our mentors are experienced professionals.

  • Internships are provided according to individual needs at different nonprofits and local companies.

  • Sponsors and AA-related guests help inspire hope.

Finding a CRC

We help all our residents find a Collegiate Recovery College (CRC). CRCs differ from the typical "sober housing" that colleges provide. Instead, CRCs focus on building support through an active sober community. The success rate for students in Collegiate Recovery Programs (CRPs) is astounding. Since programs differ from school to school, we help match the student with the right program that suits their needs. Over the years, we have helped place students in Alabama, Connecticut, Massacusettes, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont - in addition to helping them find recovery scholarships.

Association of Recovery in Higher Education Logo

The Recovery Residence at Enders Island is a member of the ARHE (Association of Recovery in Higher Education) and we annually attend their national conference to keep up-to-date on the latest news in this ground-breaking field.

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