Stained Glass Restoration Project

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Stained Glass dates back to early third century, windows can last for hundreds of years and are restore by professional glass artists. The identities of the glass artist frequently remain silent as windows receive hundreds of gazes. When the artist creates a stained glass master piece window, a part of their handy work is hidden inside of the glass, astonishingly leaving before the body, a precious mark, a gift, and then begins, a legacy of Christian tradition.

A beholder has always been fascinated by light that is reflected through a stained glass window. They tell the faithful stories about Jesus Christ, the Apostles and His Saints. Traditionally the glass artist follows a liturgical text, a biblical story, opening us as witnesses to Christ and as we focused through the spectrum of color, play, shape, and light we become awe struck.

To begin, each piece of glass carefully chosen, cut and then place into a design that has been carefully mapped out by the glass artist. The drawing is then painted by the glass artist, creating human figures, with a vitreous paint (finely ground glass, containing metallic oxide pigments) to shade and color glass pieces, is fired in a kilm and then soldered together.

Fabio Pizzol, stained glass designer of Milan, Italy joined the Sacred Art Institute, Enders Island in 2016. Fabio is currently working on a conservation/restoration project in The Cathedral of St. Patrick Norwich, CT. Partnered with Marsha Vasiloff they are currently working on scaffolds, six feet in height, in full process, restoring four panels that make up a large stained glass window. All the stained glass windows in the Cathedral have been accessed by the team. The project at hand is a panel of four, each sliced into twenty four individual panels, making up one large window and is located at the transept of the church. Every Catholic church is shaped like a cross, the transept is where the cross meets.

All are welcome to visit The Cathedral of St. Patrick's in Norwich to meet Fabio, view the project, and examine the glass work. Fabio will be teaching a week long stained glass workshop on Enders Island beginning October 15, 2017.

Cathedral Of St. Patricks Windows Restoration

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