Please join me for a Mass of Healing and Reconciliation

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Dear Friends of Enders Island and the Church,

Like many of you, I have felt a profound sense of sadness, outrage and confusion regarding the ongoing revelations of the sins and failures of numerous priests and too many bishops. My heart breaks for those who have suffered at the hands of priests and bishops; not only those who were sexually abused, but also their families and loved ones who have suffered with them. The primary ministry of Enders Island is healing and hope. Throughout the years, many who have been trapped in addiction and imprisoned by the hurts and sorrows they have experienced throughout their lives have come to Enders Island seeking healing and peace. Therefore, I feel an overwhelming responsibility to invite those who have experienced abuse at the hands of priests or bishops, and those who have been victimized in anyway, to come and allow us to help you find healing and to discover the true peace that comes from the grace and love of Jesus our Lord and Savior. We will be celebrating a Mass of Healing and Reconciliation on Monday, September 3rd at 11:00 AM, at the Chapel of our Lady of the Assumption on Enders Island. September 3rd is the Feast of St Gregory the Great. St Gregory wrote On Pastoral Care, in which he instructed priests to preach with conviction and act with humility. Recalling St Gregory’s ministry to renew the Church and the ministry of priests, let us come together in solidarity with those who are suffering because of their treatment by priests and the Church to pray for healing and for the renewal of the Church. Let us not be overcome with despair because of the sins of some, but may we be filled with hope because of the faithfulness of many. Let us trust in Jesus, who promised that evil will not triumph but that His Grace is sufficient for us to deal with and conquer the evil that confronts us. Therefore, let each of us and all of us commit to pray and work for the healing and reconciliation that is so needed in our Church; none of us can sit on the sidelines in this time of profound pain and sorrow. Please let us come together in prayer and rejoice in hope,

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