Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of Enders Island is to proclaim in word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the light of the Catholic faith.

We fulfill this mission by providing for the ministerial formation of priests, religious and laity; by offering retreats, recovery opportunities, spiritual development, and educational programs for lay men and women, religious sisters and brothers, and priests; and by providing other programs and services that answer the call for evangelization of the Church and the world. We focus on the healing, nurturing, educational, and sacramental aspects of retreats and spiritual recovery. Our work is grounded in solid Catholic teaching and the practice of our faith.

We are a recognized leader in the spiritual renewal and healing ministry of Jesus Christ through retreats, recovery, and sacred art programs. Those who may feel alienated from the Church or overwhelmed by life’s challenges and sufferings will find here a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, infused with love and founded on Christ’s healing touch and promise of hope.  We envision helping those who come to us to enhance or rediscover their relationship with God and with their faith, by inviting them to open their hearts and minds to the wonder and power of God’s healing and redeeming love through the rich traditions and experiences of the Catholic community.

Virtues That Guide Us

These virtues reflect the behavior God expects of us and the behavior we expect of each other as they relate to our relationships with all who visit our Island, pray in our Chapel and are part of our Community.

Our Lady of the Assumption Chapel on Enders Island



We remain faithful to the call of God by opening ourselves to the message of the Gospel, the lived experience and wisdom of the Catholic Church, and the tradition and stated mission of Enders Island as we minister to the needs of our retreatants, staff, volunteers and the many friends of Enders Island.



We are a people of Hope who hear the Word of God and make it come alive in the hearts and lives of the people we are called to serve. We meet each challenge with optimism for a better tomorrow, and believe that through the Grace of the Holy Spirit no virtuous goal is unattainable and our mission will be achieved; we rejoice in Hope!



St. Paul reminds us that we “are strangers and aliens no longer but fellow citizens of the Household of God.” We will treat each person we minister to with reverence, respect, and compassion.  We seek to meet the needs of others with the charity of the Gospel, and we commit our ministry to be an asset to the Universal Church and to be a compassionate member of the local community.



As stewards of Enders Island, we will treat our resources as if they were our very own and as gifts of God.  We will cautiously and justly distribute the funds and the human and material resources that we are entrusted with to fulfill our mission to heal and comfort God’s people.




All people we minister to will be treated equitably with the dignity that Jesus displayed for His people. We will respect each other’s ideas and create a culture of mutual reverence and respect.




We strive to be the best in all that we do by being responsible for our actions and accountable for our shortcomings, and continuously seek improvement in ourselves and in the execution of our mission.




We strive to responsibly generate needed revenues to support and fulfill our mission. However, no income is worth compromising what we hold dear or the mission and ministry that have been entrusted to us.