Mother's Day Appeal

Please send me your prayer intentions for the mothers and other special women in your lives so that we may remember them in our Mother’s Day Novena beginning on May 12th.

Dearest Supporter of Enders Island,

Each year, as we approach Mother’s Day, I am mindful of the role that Our Blessed Mother has played in my life; as well as the many other women who have inspired me and nurtured me throughout my life, including my sisters, aunts and friends. I suspect that there are a number of women who have likewise touched your life and who have bestowed their love and compassion generously upon you.

The month of May is traditionally the Month of Mary and it is when we celebrate and remember our mothers and the many women who have inspired and nurtured us throughout our lives. It is also a time when the world is reawakening from the cold dark days of winter;


It is a time of hope and renewal.

Many of you know of the small A-frame structure we fondly refer to as our Seaside Chapel.  When the Society of St. Edmund arrived on the Island 65 years ago, this was Alys Enders’ teahouse.  After the hurricane of 1956 took the roof off the teahouse the Edmundite Community, with the help of the local Knights of Columbus, turned the teahouse into a Seaside Chapel dedicated in honor of Our Lady.

A life-size statue of Our Lady stands outside the chapel. Framed by a brilliant aqua-blue background, the Blessed Mother, holding a Rosary, invites us to draw near with our prayerful intentions.

Photo by Tom Kaszuba  | →

On the bare stone altar within this simple chapel you will find tokens of the prayers that have been offered by our community and visitors for healing, thanksgiving and a deeper sense of God’s presence in their own lives and the healing for which they are praying.  All over this stone altar you will find 12 Step coins, rocks and pebbles anchoring slips of paper filled with prayer requests, lists of needs and intentions, notes of praise and thanksgiving.


Like everything else on Enders Island, Mary’s Seaside Chapel offers a safe haven in tumultuous times, respite in the face of perplexing problems, and reassurance that we never face our difficulties alone. Several years ago, a local couple found solace here during months of anguished waiting while their son was held hostage in Afghanistan.


On one Christmas Eve, we found something that made my heart skip a beat - a suicide note amongst the prayers and petitions left on the altar of Our Lady’s Seaside Chapel.  Through Our Lady’s intervention and God’s grace, we were able to find and guide this child of God to safety. Miracles like this are not uncommon on Enders Island; you could probably add a few of your own.


Your prayers and your financial support have also helped me meet the challenges of keeping our mission at Enders Island vibrant. Today, I am asking once again for your help. Most of all I need your prayers, your financial support, and your commitment to pray every day through our Mother Mary’s intercession that Enders Island will continue to be a place of healing and hope for everyone who crosses our causeway.

I can’t do this alone – I need you by my side.

Our Island’s beautiful statue of Our Lady of Lourdes is also grounded in a story of inspiration. The statue was carved in thanksgiving and acceptance by a couple after their own pilgrimage to Lourdes, where they asked for healing of their son.  The mother gifted the statue to us before she died, hoping that visitors to Enders Island would also know the power of Our Lady’s intercession. This statue is located on the north side of Our Chapel.


Often, as I walk our grounds, I am humbled by the beautiful statues of Mary and by the many wonderful women in our community who choose to join us in ministering to those in need of hope and healing.


Please send me your prayer intentions for the mothers and other special women in your lives so that we may remember them in our Mother’s Day Novena beginning on May 12th.


During our Masses throughout the month of May we will pray that the love of the Blessed Virgin reaches those in need when they hit rocky shores and that her presence may be revealed as a source of comfort and solace.


Many of our retreatants, and especially those in recovery and needing extra compassion, turn to Mary as a source of healing and comfort. Amidst the quiet beauty of Enders Island, as we come face to face with our true selves, we find that even when we stumble, Our Lady is here to guide us through to a place of hope and peace.


If Our Lady has guided you on your faith journey
I ask that you please share your story with me –

it may give comfort to others.


Please remember that your tax-deductible gift to sustain the ministries of Enders Island would be a wonderful way to express your devotion and gratitude to Mary and the important women in your lives this May.


Your friendship and steadfast support are truly a blessing to me and to our life-changing mission. I pray daily that Mary will continue to guide and protect you and all your loved ones.

In faith and hope,

Father Thomas F.X. Hoar, SSE


P.S. Please remember to send me your prayer intentions for our Mother’s Day Novena on May 12th and throughout the month of May so we can be united in prayer!

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